Adelaide Now reports ‘The Rover’ “expected to wrap this week”; Hey U Guys suggests potential Oscar contender

GuyRobAdelaide Now reported on the gritty, first still from The Rover and suggested that production is winding down. This is close to the March 16th date originally reported:

It’s about as far away from the comforts of Hollywood as Robert Pattinson can get.

The first film still image released from the Outback SA set of David Michod’s The Rover shows a dirty and bloodied Pattinson taking a beating from Australian star Guy Pearce.

The shoot on the rough-as-guts futuristic Western is expected to wrap up in the state’s Far North this week.

R-Patz has a busy year ahead. He has three other movies in pre-production in Canada, the US and Germany.

Whenever the film wraps, we’re just happy for the positive feedback the still received. Folks continue to be excited! As they should be. 🙂 Here’s what Hey U Guys had to say, even throwing down the Oscar gauntlet!

Excerpt after the cut!

David Michôd made a remarkable feature debut in 2010 with Animal Kingdom, and it’s no surprise that we’re looking forward to his sophomore film, The Rover.

The film features an all-star cast, led by Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, and Scoot McNairy, and with the three on board for Michôd, it’s definitely shaping up to be a must-see next year.

And in case you weren’t looking forward to it already, the first image of Pearce and Pattinson has been released, giving a great idea of what we can expect from Michôd here.

Michôd is directing from his own script, reuniting with Joel Edgerton following Animal Kingdom to first write the story together.

The Rover is currently without a release date, but we’re expecting it to arrive sometime in 2014. With any luck, it’ll be fairly early next year. And though it’s early days yet, given the success of Michôd’s Animal Kingdom, we might even have an Oscar contender here for the end of this year.

  • trashapathy

    Ah Rob, Guy, David and the rest of the cast and crew deserve an award for just working in those conditions. But I think the Oscar would be nice. I’d like to see a few film festival accolades as well like TIFF!

    Rob has talent that knows no bounds and working with such great actors and directors well Rob is going places.!!! Critics beware Rob is going to blow you away!

  • EmilyL.07

    I think the movie will be cool but an Oscar seems too far of a stretch


  • hey Tink, “he has a movie in pre-production in GERMANY” that sounds like music to my ears. :)) sadly it won’t be made in Germany since it plays in the desert, or is there any chance they bring the desert to Germany?

    So early 2014? but Oscar buzz already, love it!!!

    • hey girl! im not sure which film they’re talking about for Germany. Rob is all over the globe lol he always seems to end up in Germany once a year, sometimes twice so i bet you see him during promo or filming 😉

      by bet remains sundance 2014 but i wouldnt be surprised by TIFF in the fall. i think the producers and David want to shoot for the film premiering this fall and remember Guy on the trop fest video? he said they’re looking forward to showing us the film at the end of the year. sooooooo….like everything lately…we’ll wait and see 🙂

      • i thought they meant QotD since Herzog is German….but you are right, who knows. I hope he comes to Germany for premieres (somehow we are always lucke lol), but filming would be awesome. I bet with you and say TIFF, what i’ve heard so far made me very optimistic. And i bet next up is filming MB1 in April somewhere unknown to us, just my feeling….but i’m good in waiting, have a lot practice.