ARTICLE: Empire magazine names ‘The Rover’ one of the hottest movies in production right now!

It’s been a great week for The Rover! The first still from the film, positive buzz with press and now Empire magazine has put The Rover on a short list of the hottest movies in production at the moment!


Empire Source: Empire | Via: Robsworldtweets

  • Katarzyna Galuszka

    Great news 🙂

  • ABV

    Of course it’s one of the hottest movies right now,look who’s in it,Mr Pattinson himself and of course Mr Pearce.

  • Jennifer

    I just realized that I want to see Animal Kingdom before I watch The Rover. This weekend includes a personal quest to find the DVD.
    I really feel that this movie will finally gain Rob the male audience that he’s been sorely lacking. From the tiny peeks we’ve had so far…and knowing my DH, he will like what he sees! And even though Rob looks like a dirty, mangy ruffian…who gets beaten and mistreated (hope that is all), so will I. Even though there’s no sex scene! yeah…I said it!
    Thanks Tink ;D

    • trashapathy

      Great film! Hey Jennifer and ABV old bwen here nice to to see familiar faces. All 5 of my guys are excited for this film to hit theatres. I t looks like this could be a break away hit. Come on David M get ready for TIFF!!!!