Embankment Films List “Mission:Blacklist” As Part of Their Line Up For FilmMart (Hong Kong)

Embankment Films have listed Misson:Blacklist on their line-up for Filmart.
FilmMart, Hong Kong’s International Film & TV Market, takes place between 18-23 March

MB Filmart 2013


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  • Scavenger

    Always interesting to me that Remember Me never seems to get listed under Rob’s film credits. That was a really good film, and he was great in it. As far as I understand, it made its cost back and then some.

    • trashapathy

      RM was a great film and Rob really was outstanding in it. Mission Black List will give us an opportunity to see Rob in yet another divergent role. His films to me have all been successes whether at the box office, by critical acclaim or personal satisfaction. Go Rob I’m looking forward to your future films!

  • Jennifer

    So great to see The Rover and Cosmopolis listed as well as Twilight. I imagine there might come a day….when believe it or not, Twilight may not be mentioned. Yeah, it might be a few years off, but even though Edward shot Rob into worldwide acclaim, He has proved that he is so much more than a sparkly vampire. Onward and Upward Rob! Proud of you =)

    • trashapathy

      AMEN lady…but I don’t cringe when I see Twilight because one day people will say with awe “Really? That terrific actor played the sparkly vampire!”

      • Jennifer

        He’s well on his way I do believe! We can sit on our fat laurels and gloat that we knew him when….or at least I will be guilty of that little sin. 😛

        • trashapathy

          Well move over I’ll bring the popcorn and watch them all eat crow!

          • Jennifer

            It’s a date! One I wholeheartedly look forward to as well!!!

  • apsara kumar

    Rob is going to be great in this movie . Eric and Rob can promote this movie together .Love watching war related movies , my dad was in the Navy .I grew up listening to some fasinating war stories and strategies . I agree Rob was really good in Remember me , it is definitely one of his best works . So happy to see Cosmopolis and The Rover listed in his body of work . Looking forward to watching all the interesting films Rob is doing this year .

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