PHOTO: Robert Pattinson and Eric Maddox

Robert Pattinson, who will play Eric Maddox in Mission: Blacklist, photographed with Eric in an undated photo. Mission: Blacklist is rumored to begin filming in April 2013.

Eric Maddox wrote the book Mission Blacklist #1 – his real life story about being a military interrogator which chronicles the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Eric Maddox and Robert Pattinson
Eric Maddox and Robert Pattinson

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  • trashapathy

    The Rover shoot should be over and next up I hope is Mission Black List !! Rob is pulling out all the stops in diversifying his career and I love the direction he is taking!!!

  • Jennifer

    I’m waiting patiently for these films of Rob’s….and hoping that they are all more widely released than some of his past films. How neat would it be to get Rob’s signature in the same book as Eric’s? And I’m sure that DH would be interested in this movie. No vampires. 😛

    • judyjudyjudy

      I am waiting for these films too. But don’t know how patiently. It really is hard to wait. Although I made it though bel ami and cosmopolis,even had to travel 100 miles to cosmopolis and over 400 miles to my daughters in chicago to see bel ami.Guess I will make it this time. Also do hop it is more widely released too.

    • i think i would be really excited to see Eric Maddox at the premiers if he attends them. the main one diffinitely i think. the promo tour will be exciting as well.

  • i love the pic! i have not read Eric’s book yet, it lies next to me and i am ready to start, but what i have heard and seen of him so far, he is a visionary and good man. i always support non-violent-fighting/investigation techniques…. and that Rob has the honor to present him in this movie makes me happy.