PHOTOS: Scoot McNairy at ‘The Rover’ wrap party PLUS Check out the film footage in their canisters!

This isn’t only Scoot McNairy at The Rover wrap/wind up party, this is our FIRST picture of Scoot from anything The Rover related!

From chef, Brendon O'Brien - "The Rover wind up party ... Bear on the barbie with Scoot"
From chef, Brendon O’Brien – “The Rover wind up party … Bear on the barbie with Scoot and Michael Kildare”

Bear or beer?? Oh man. I don’t even know. Maybe it’s this Bear. 😉 LMAO Bear is Michael Kildare’s nickname. I’m too literal. Check out a picture of Robert Pattinson from the wind up party with Chef Brendon O’Brien HERE.

We also have a look at the film canisters for the film. Can’t wait for the final product!

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  • Jennifer

    How crazy is it that just the sight of those film canisters gets me so excited I can hardly type??? LOL

    I can’t wait for The Rover! Of course, it seems like I say that every time we are waiting for a new Rob film to release…but it is still the truth! ;D

    • Kate

      Not crazy at all 😉

      • Jennifer

        thank God! I haven’t been tested recently….LOL

  • Scavenger

    Looks like some fancy, fancy restaurant they picked for the wrap party…..
    The cannisters scare me. Thinking about all the time, money, sweat, tears represented in those little metal containers. Hope they are guarding them.