VIDEO: “David Michod Is A Really Clever Guy & Brings To The Screen Some Very Unusual Ideas” – Guy Pearce

Doing promo for “Iron Man 3” Guy Pearce did interviews with Australia’s  “Sunrise” & “The Morning Show” and they asked him about filming “The Rover”

In his interview with “Sunrise”…….

  • He talks about how David is a really clever guy & brings some really unusual things to the screen
  • Says how it’s a really dark film and how himself and Rob got to do some really interesting stuff together
  • Talks about how they filmed in The Flinders Rangers and finished 3 weeks ago

Check it out below around the 3:23 mark

And a brief mention of “The Rover” in this interview with “The Morning Show” where Guy says there were no funny anecdotes from the set of “The Rover” because it was a pretty heavy experience.
Click on the screencap to watch
Around the 4:45 mark

Guy Pearce on "The Morning Show"  Click on the screencap to watch the interview
Guy Pearce on “The Morning Show”
Click on the screencap to watch the interview