VIDEO: “I Think People Will Be Quite Surprised By Rob’s Performance, He’s Really Extraordinary In It” – Guy Pearce

Continuing with his promo for “Iron Man 3” Guy Pearce spoke to Angela Bishop from Ten News Australia and said how he thought people would be quite surprised by Robert Pattinson’s performance in “The Rover”.
He also spoke about filming in the desert and more!
Starts around the 0:56 mark

  • Scavenger

    Guy needs to be careful. If he keeps saying in interviews that people will be surprised because Rob is really good in this movie, I am never going to go see another Guy Pearce movie (after the Rover). Does he understand how offensive this is? Pearce needs to get off his high horse and realize that Rob is popular, a box office draw, and sought after by well-respected directors. This is not just because we think he is pretty. I am sick and tired of the sentiment that some express that Rob has yet to achieve anything besides being a pretty face.