ARTICLE: Guy Pearce Talks About How He Takes On Darker Characters & More

Guy Pearce spoke to while doing promo for “Iron Man 3” and told them about his acting style on “The Rover”, working with David Michod & more

Check out the excerpt from the article below:

“Things are working for Pearce. He’s having a lovely run of local and international film and television roles and canny choices, even if his recent outings in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, John Hillcoat’s Lawless and now Shane Black’s takeover of the Iron Man series, suggest he is the cinema’s villain du jour.

“People seem to think that’s where I’m good at landing at the moment,” he says, laughing.

That suits Pearce fine because he enjoys playing characters with “a little edge”.

And he also has matured as an actor. He no longer needs to be the aloof star who retires to his trailer between takes or has to method act his way into a dark role.

Pearce has just completed work in South Australia opposite Robert Pattinson in David Michod’s futuristic chase movie, The Rover. While inhabiting the Animal Kingdom director’s “dark mind”, Pearce says he enjoyed being light on set during a heavy movie because it saved him the energy he needed for the next lines of dialogue.

“In the past I used to try to hang on to the character 24 hours a day and I realised after some time it was exhausting,” he says.

The Victorian recalls acting years ago and “sitting in the corner quietly and ignoring everybody but I found that by the time camera was rolling you had really run out of steam because you were doing it all f . . king day long.” “

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  • Mizzzar*

    I think Guy Pierce is the perfect opposite actor to Rob. Toghether, with the director of Animal Kingdom, they not only will make a great movie, but also generate a lot buzz in the press and interest in the public audience. So exciting! And I like how easy going Guy sounds, and that it seems they had a great time together on set. 2014 is going to be a fantastic year, i don’t mind that 2013 will only be a thrill of anticipation with all the little snippets we get.