ROUNDUP: Maps To The Stars buzz continues! “A-list cast…” “One hell of a cast…” “Another superb satire…”

It’s roundup time and it seems like everyone is buzzing about Maps To The Stars! Here are excerpts from media and film bloggers following the announcement of Julianne Moore, John Cusack, and Sarah Gadon joining David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson.


It’s about damn time this picture gets ready to go….the auteur will be joined by one hell of a cast. This sounds like yet another superb satire from one of today’s great satirists, and it’s interesting to see Pattinson re-team with his Cosmopolis director for another film. I was a huge fan of that picture, and really think this could be the start of a really exciting friendship. Hopefully this one can arrive sooner rather than later.


Few directors have had such noticeable career arcs as mad genius David Cronenberg. His early career was filled with paranoid science fiction that thrived on mutilated humans, and that aesthetic was left behind and a more thoughtful approach to the stranger plateaus of the human condition took over his work during the 1990s. And in the last ten years, he’s given us a handful of stories drowning in gritty realism as well as an uncharacteristic novel adaptation and the birth of psychoanalysis.

So of course it makes sense that his next project would have one of the stranger plotlines around, but as per usual, he’s got a great cast already involved.


Described as “very acerbic and satirical” by Cronenberg himself, Maps to the Stars is a Bruce Wagner-scripted ghost story which revolves around actors and agents, with a specific focus on “two child actors ruined by Hollywood’s depravity.” Yeah, it sounds like something we’re very much looking forward to…


Bruce Wagner’s script for Hollywood-set thriller Maps to the Stars was reportedly so weird, acerbic and risky that no one would dare touch it – that is, no one but the Canadian king of all things weird….Pattinson has been attached to the project almost since its conception and, as was the case with Cronenberg’s 2012 thriller Cosmopolis, it’s largely thanks to the involvement of the highly bankable star that Maps to the Stars has received funding and is heading into production.



A-list cast lines up…Those of you who have been hoping for David Cronenberg to direct a true horror film again might just be getting your wish – so long as you don’t mind a bit of social commentary added to the mix.


If there’s any filmmaker that Hollywood should fear the most, it’s probably David Cronenberg.

And let the fear begin, as the master of body horror, scathing satire and all-around awesome weirdness has his sights on Tinseltown in “Map to the Stars,” a deconstructionist look at celebrity-obsessed Los Angeles and what it reveals about Western culture. If it’s anything like “Scanners,” Cronenberg’s attack on big business and the media that empowers it in which, uh, people’s heads explode, it’s not going to be pretty.


For some directors, the more absurd the log line, the better the movie.


…It’s also a “ghost story,” which certainly raises an intrigued eyebrow. The cast is top shelf…


“Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg may have found his new muses. The auteur has just enlisted Robert Pattinson and his “Cosmopolis” co-star Sarah Gadon for his next project, “Maps to the Stars.”


It’s surprising that Moore and Cronenberg have never worked together before now; they seem like a fairly natural fit.


…Highly lauded trio of actors…


From a provocative original screenplay by noted Los Angeles author and screenwriter Bruce Wagner (Wild Palms), Maps to the Stars is both a haunting ghost story and a scathing attack on the celebrity-obsessed society of L.A.



  • blackbeanie

    Another great movie to look forward too. Still regret that Viggo couldn’t play in this one though.

    • Mizzzar*

      I know a lot were looking forward to Viggo…I must admit I am kind of glad he is not playing the role. Don’t know, personal preferences but also selfish reasons. I like it that there are more actors in the movie now DC does not work with all the time. Viggo would have gotten a lot attention I think as DC’s muse, and I want more attention on Rob! But of course which way ever they take I am really curious how they will act together.

      • 1986sunshine

        I like John Cussack more…., a personal preference.

        • Mizzzar*

          I like his sister Joan as well. Just watched High Fidelity with them.

      • blackbeanie

        You have a point, Mizzz!! I hadn’t looked at it the way you do. I’ve read some Cronenberg fans found it good too that Mortensen isn’t in almost every movie of him. One commenter on this casting news wrote: “So Pattinson’s his new muse now, hein?”
        Yeah, more attention to HHH :))

        • Mizzzar*

          I can imagine it gets boring to always see the same actor with the same director. at least if there is not a bit time between the movies. As great as I think the work between Rob and DC is and I am happy they do it again, I don’t think I would be as entusiastic as I am now if it was already his third or fourth movie with him. I want new and different you know?

    • Yes

  • justme

    “celebrity obsessed society”.. i guess Rob knows a thing or two about this obsession so he will play on a familiar field:)

  • Mizzzar*

    Would love to know who from MTV posted that comment about MTTS? I miss Josh, hope he will do an intereview with Rob again. I think the Cosmopolis interview was the best interview they ever did together.

    But apart from that so exciting to hear the praises. I love the cast, especially Julienne Moore. Rob makes major steps right now, one high buzz movie after the other, and i am sure with his charm, good look, and talent soon he belongs to the most wanted actors. We will have so much to talk about, it’s going to be like Cosmopolis. It’s a difficult and very important topic, and i’m sure very controversal as well. I like that they might provoke…Still not sure what they mean with ghost story though. I thought it meant children’s haunted by their past, but in this review it sounds different. I guess with Cronenberg everything is possible. Is it going to be a mystery mixed with satire and drama?

  • Chuck in PA

    Looking forward to seeing this on the big screen.