VIDEO: News On 6 Interview Eric Maddox And Say Mission:Blacklist Starts Filming In August

News on 6 (Oklahoma) did a great interview with Eric Maddox recently about how he became an interrogator and ultimately tracking down Saddam Hussein.
They also say something VERY interesting at the end of their report. They say that Mission:Blacklist starts filming this August!

We’re keeping everything crossed and will obviously update you if there’s anymore information on this.

In the meantime check out the interview below………


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  • Mizzzar*

    Kate, I just finished the book and it is thrilling, gripping, moving and captivating. I really want to talk about it 🙂 in the video you saw pics from the book, also the blue Oxford shirt, not unimportant for the movie i think. Eric is a really interesting guy, i like the idea that Rob will play someone who stumbled more or less into this situation, did not really know what to do and how to do it because of no experiences and then becomes one of the most successful interrigators with a complete own and unique way to get the informations. thanks for posting this interview, i just watched again all the other presentations from Eric and was hoping for something new. as if you knew it 🙂 xxx

    • I liked the book very much, too. Can’t agree with you more. I liked how he talked about his formative years. Gives you an insight to the kind of observant, insightful and analytical person he becomes. I bet you saw his presentation on TED? He spoke in detail about his experience and it’s compelling stuff. And yes, the blue shirt, the insurgents referred to his shirt, knew him as the one in the blue shirt…Maddox became known and “feared” by them, a bit of a living legend during his tour of duty. It’s brilliant.

      • Mizzzar*

        hey! yes. i watched the presentation on TED but there is also another longer one on BakerInstitute with a 20 min Q&A at the end. About the formative years, I was especially moved by his openness about his personal life. It is really an extraordinary book/story. I thought I would read something dry, basic details about the hunt, but it is an insight into the life of an extraordinary man. the end moved me so much, not because they got him, because HE got him. Loved what you said, a living legend, known and feared by them. exactly. and all without torture, only with his bright mind.

        • Hi Mizzzar, thanks for the tip on the Baker Institute presentation, wasn’t aware of that one. I will definitely check it out. Cheers!!

          Btw, did you ever see Paul Greengrass’ film Green Zone with Matt Damon in it? It’s also set in Iraq, but doesn’t put the Americans in a good light… because no WMD were ever discovered there; it was just an excuse to invade the country; however, it did get rid of Saddam (who deserved to be gotten rid of anyway). Anyway, what I meant to say is that I hope M:BL will be as good as Greengrass’ film (he’s a director who started out shooting documentaries in war zones, so he walks the talk).

          • Sean, Saddam had been on the US payroll since 1959, all of my adult life. Our puppet dictator just got too uppity and wanted payment for his oil to be in Euros instead of the US dollar. He had to be taught a lesson. Not only do the tabloids lie but the premier US newspapers also lie or omit the truth. The whole long expose of this story came from the China News. How do you like them apples.

          • Mizzzar*

            No, haven’t seen the film, I’m usually not so into war films. you are right, they are often very stereo typed and put things into the wrong light. I prefer stories about people, character studies that are more personal. i’m really curious how this film will differ from all war films.

  • awestruck

    I SO hope this is true and filming begins in August!!!

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  • ABV

    Eric Maddox is the most brilliant man,I’d luv to be present at a q&a with him…His family must be so proud of him.

  • Thanks for posting this interview. I’m glad a friend led me to this M:BL site. I read the book; liked it, and so I’m looking forward to seeing this film (if it ever gets made). Hopefully ‘News On 6’ got the production timeline right. Eric Maddox is a hero not because he found Saddam, he’s a hero because there was almost zero casualties involved- it’s always a good day when no brothers or sisters lose their lives performing their military duty.

    • There is this recent belief that there should be zero sum casualties in any engagement. This leads to shutting a city down, employing para military – we can’t call them police anymore because they are not police anymore – 9000 paramilitary to go door to door in Watertown, enter homes without warrants, all to get one 19 year old boy. Yes he probably did a bad thing killing three people. But in other cases many more have been killed – Newtown – without this flagrant display of totalitarian unmasked power messaging to all of us that we had better not get out of line or else. And it all gets justified by zero sum casualties.

      • You have every right to state your angry and righteous indignation at what you perceive to be an injustice of fighting a war. After all, these service men and women are willing to lay down their lives to protect and defend a way of life that allows you to freely voice your vociferous dissent. You’ve done us proud by practising this right. Thank you. And you’re welcome. Before you say you never asked us to, we don’t do it because we’re asked, we do it because we believe some things are worth defending and fighting for. Soldiers and people on the front line aren’t politicians, we don’t pretend to know everything. But I believe that if you had to witness a brother in arms bleed out from a GSW to the femoral artery while crying out for his mum, you would not so easily mock or trivialise the imperative to minimize casualties (on both sides) if it can be helped.

  • What is great about Maddox is that he reinvented 300 years of interrogation/confession techniques developed laboriously by the Jesuits since the Inquisition. Seems our military and para military (city police now in this role) are still in the stage of The Inquisition before the Jesuits got on it and refined it. Maddox redid it in 2 years and that is his brilliance.