Did you need a drinking game for Cosmopolis? Now you have one! Which rule will have us all on the floor?

Grab your Sobieski!
Grab your Sobieski!

Cosmopolis Blog discovered a fun reviewer that lists drinking games for the films they review. Movieboozer wasn’t a fan of the film but we think their game is pretty spot on for having an “enhanced” movie watching experience:

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: any time a rat is referred to or shown


Take a Drink: whenever anyone talks in convoluted finance-speak

Thanks a lot, Vija.

Take a Drink: anytime anyone has or refers to sex

Yup. Poor another round, Mr. Packer.

Do a Shot: whenever Pattinson tells someone his prostate is asymmetrical

We knew that wasn’t really water.

And there you go! I bet Kendra would have liked to play but she’s a sloppy drunk and always spills drinks where they don’t belong.

I watch this movie all the time and will definitely test this out with Chauffeur Deb. The financial and sex talk ones are going to be the killer. Let us know if you try the game. You can always play with coffee and OJ but where’s the fun in that?


  • I played the game already but in my version I drink what the characters drink. Actually, I do this for a lot of films. Brad Pitt ones are the best/worst. He’s always eating or drinking in his movies.