“Here’s hoping Maps to the Stars is only part two of a Cronenberg-Pattinson “limo trilogy.” + CANNES BUZZ!

HQRobertPattinsonCosmoPremiere49With the official announcement of Robert Pattinson’s Maps To The Stars character out today, The Film Stage had some positive words to share:

David Cronenberg has begun shooting a new film, and today is officially a good day for cinema. You’ll recall that his social satire / ghost picture, Maps to the Stars, was in casting stages for a few months prior, our most recent report adding the talents of Mia Wasikowska and Olivia Williams to an already stacked lineup — Robert Pattinson (the director’s Cosmopolis star), Sarah Gadon (also of the 2012 picture), John Cusack, and Julianne Moore all being tapped to lead. Everything’s been coming up Milhouse.

With cameras officially rolling — and this endeavor, at some point, seeing Cronenberg make a directing debut in the United States — some fresh, worthwhile information has begun to file in. Of an appreciably spoiler-free manner is the following plot synopsis, which, in widely expanding the scope on Bruce Wagner‘s screenplay, alters a few personal expectations.

The new synopsis is really good and we posted it HERE if you missed it. The Film Stage wrapped things up with some excitement for seeing David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson pairing up again PLUS Cannes 2014 buzz for MTTS!

Here’s hoping Maps to the Stars is only part two of a CronenbergPattinson “limo trilogy.” Prospero Pictures and SBS Productions have backed the title, for which eOne — yet another Cosmopolis holdover — are to provide domestic distribution. Expect the cast and crew to show off their work in 2014, most likely premiering the title at Cannes.