“Maps To The Stars” Presentation At The Locarno Film Festival

Maps To The Stars Promo Poster
EOne have Maps To The Stars  listed on the films they are presenting at the 2013 Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

The film festival runs from the 7th -17th August and as you know the movie is still in production so we’re thinking it may be something like when we got a sneak peek at the rough trailer of “Cosmopolis” in Lisbon.

More information should be coming out about the film festival in the coming week so we’ll update as soon as we hear any more news!


  • Mizzzar

    OH wow, you didn’t bring that over at ROBsessed, need to check here more often. but that are fantastic news! can’t wait to see more of the film, cursious what they’ve got so far since they are in the middle of filming. do we know when they start filming in LA?