David Michôd Talks About ‘The Rover’ At Flickerfest In Sydney

David Michôd was at Flickerfest in Sydney recently where he spoke about how he loved the characters that Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson created in The Rover, how The Rover is dark but not bleak and lots more.

RPAU were lucky enough to be able to attend the event. Read some excerpts from their report from the event below.


David noticed that his films seemed to be from the perspective of a child. He thought that The Rover was the first time this wasn’t so, but then realised that Rob’s character Rey can be considered childlike in The Rover so maybe he hasn’t really distanced himself from that.

He wrote the first draft of The Rover with Joel Edgerton in about 10 days before he even filmed Animal Kingdom and said he doesn’t know how to make a film you don’t believe in.

David said he he finished The Rover about one to one and a half months ago and that noone has seen it yet. He wanted to bring a teaser for us today, but he just wasn’t ready to reveal it yet. He said they are rolling it out and showing it to people over the next few months. He said he felt the same at the end of The Rover as he did with Animal Kingdom.

David thinks that The Rover is actually darker than Animal Kingdom and by darkness he doesn’t mean bleak. He said he thinks bleakness means relentless depressing, that there is no beauty in it like there can be in a dark film.

DavidMichodHe then went on to talk about working with Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson & Scoot McNairy.

David “absolutely loved the work done by Guy and Rob. They created great characters and loved their performances”.
Rob was “incredibly hardworking and a fun guy to work with” and that “he’s a really good actor”.

Another story David relayed was that Rob wanted to make sure that Scoot McNairy and his accents were similar since Scoot plays Rob’s older brother in the film. So Rob spoke to Scoot over the phone about the accents because Rob was worried about screwing up the Texan accent (Scoot is Texan in case you don’t know). When Scoot heard Rob’s accent he said “that guy knows exactly what he’s doing he just playing dumb”. Scoot said Rob’s Texan accent was perfect.

Will we see David making a cameo appearance  in The Rover?

In short “NO”. He said he thought it was kind of narcissistic and he realised that when he was shooting the scene where he was the reporter in Animal Kingdom, that he actually wasn’t directing and he was more concerned about his performance. So he decided no more walk on roles.

When asked what he would say to people about Robert Pattinson in The Rover……..

David thought about it and then he said with so much emphasis.  “I know what you can say – you can say that I think  “Rob is REMARKABLE”.

Make sure and head over to RPAU to read the FULL Report. It’s a great read!