ROUNDUP: What are folks saying about the Maps To The Stars trailer – “Wow” “Juicy” “Excellent”

You’ve seen the amazing promo trailer, yes?? Good. In case you haven’t, here it is again including some positive feedback from various outlets.

Exclu : la première bande-annonce de «Maps to… by Telerama_BA


Excerpt from The Playlist:

…With a heightened air of sexuality and surreality, this new look is much better…expect this one at Cannes.

Tweet from TimeOut:

Looks intense, frosty, clinical

Excerpt from BlackBook:

For the past forty years, David Cronenberg has been giving us visually-striking and mind-melding thrillers whose sexual power is always bathed in grotesque horror—and we can’t get enough

Excerpt from CinemaBlend:

Things get psychosexual and even a little supernatural, and early word suggests this moody drama has got something for everybody.

Excerpt from Huffington Post:

Cheers to another screwed up family

Excerpt from GQ:

David Cronenberg clearly loves putting Robert Pattinson in a good suit and a limo.

Tweet from Entertainment Weekly:

Death! Sex! Betrayal!

Excerpt from ScreenRant:

…Slowly but surely, [Pattinson’s] becoming the Leo to Cronenberg’s Scorsese…

Excerpt from HitFix:

Yes, this is promising. Check out all the sexy Cronenbergian weirdness…

Excerpt from /Film:

It’s a good day when you get to see footage from one of your most anticipated films of the year…

Excerpt from The Film Stage:

…Here’s our initial look at one surefire example and, no less, one of our most-anticipated 2014 titles…one of 2014′s most essential pictures. Here’s one that can’t come soon enough.”

Excerpt from First Showing:

“Do you understand – it’s all ending now.” Wow.

Excerpt from Collider:

I’m not quite sure what to make of the footage in this promo trailer, and that’s part of what makes me so excited for this movie.  The other part is that this is a new David Cronenberg movie, and I’m eager to see anything he does.

Excerpt from The Playlist:

David Cronenberg is back, and this time he’s taking on his most terrifying, mind-altering subject yet: Hollywood families

Excerpt from Indiewire:

A near certainty for Cannes 2014…”Maps” sure looks juicy.




And now we wait for April 17………