VIDEOS: David Cronenberg & Julianne Moore Talk About Working On ‘Maps To The Stars’ & More

David Cronenberg & Julianne Moore were guests on the french programme ‘Rencontre de Cinéma’ where they spoke about Maps To the Stars, going to Cannes and lots more.
The first video is dubbed but you’ll find quotes from it at the bottom of the post.


Interview with Julianne (not Dubbed)

Quotes from the interviews (thanks to Pattinson AW)

Julianne says that everyone loves David Cronenberg in Cannes & his movies always are successful there. She is honored to go to Cannes with him.

David says it’s magical and exciting to go back to present a film at Cannes. He is proud to be a Canadian selected for Cannes Film Festival.

David loves the crazyness in the actors. That they are like children playing at being someone else

Julianne says that David doesn’t like to repeat before a scene, he shoots very quickly and he rarely does more than one take.

David says he makes his films very simply. Two days after the shooting, editing was finished!

David recites the poem by Paul Eluard ‘Liberty’ in French and without mistakes 🙂 The poem has some significance and special meaning in the film.

David said that the film gives a very dark interpretation of what is freedom in Hollywood but he says that we must go see the movie to find out more lol

About Rob and Mia, David says they are fantastic actors, they bring a freshness and a different way of seeing the world. Because they are Internet generation, they have very sharp mind and great wisdom for their age. He says he feels like a father or maybe a grandfather for them lol

David doesn’t have movie project for now, he has written a book and 5 producers have already called him to make a film of it.