INTERVIEW: ‘We Spent 7 Weeks In Magnificent, Wild Regions’ ~ Robert Pattinson Talks About Shooting ‘The Rover’

The Rover Film Comment Magazine7Robert Pattinson spoke to Le Parisien about the seven weeks he spent in Australia shooting The Rover in the depths of the desert and MORE.
Here’s the excerpt of the interview where he mentions The Rover that we translated………..

We didn’t expect you in “The Rover” (out on June 4th), this violent road-trip by Australian director David Michôd…
ROBERT PATTINSON. Me, neither… Since I finished the ” Twilight “saga , I’m very lucky. You cannot imagine the number of interesting scripts that I receive, like “The Rover”. I had adored “Animal Kingdom”, David Michôd’s previous movie. So, when he offered me the character of Rey, this young American seriously wounded, abandoned in the desert, who finds himself in front of an embittered and uncommunicative Australian farmer played by Guy Pearce, I turned darker in the adventure. It is a merciless encounter!

Was the shooting difficult in the Australian bush?
On the contrary, it was great! We spent seven weeks in magnificent, wild regions, distant from any civilization. It was nine-hour drive from Adelaide. Between us, without mobile, without TV, etc. And without paparazzis! It was another life, in the depths of the desert. This inhuman atmosphere is felt through the movie, this impression of end of the world as in “Mad Max”.

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