REVIEWS: David Michôd’s The Rover is “excellent”, Guy Pearce “excels”, Robert Pattinson is “superb”


We gathered some more great reviews around the ‘nets. The Rover had a fantastic showing in Cannes with most commentary being highly positive for David Michôd’s sophomore flick. You can find the initial reactions linked at the bottom of the post and excerpts from the latest reviews below.

Cine-vue (4/5 stars):

Michôd’s sophomore outing is still a high quality piece of work and an original take on a glutted genre.

The script, written by Michôd from a story from actor Joel Edgerton, is full of memorable moments, from Eric’s gaunt philosophy to Rey’s effusive babble. Elsewhere, Natasha Braier’s cinematography burns the Australian desert of all colour and hope, at once gritty and desolately beautiful. For most post-apocalyptic films, the nightmare is really a disguised fantasy. In Michôd’s excellent The Rover, the nightmare is real.

Total Film:

Pearce and Pattinson convince in their roles, the former mad-eyed and clenched, the latter confused of mind and slurred of tongue and possessed of a touching purity. Between this and his work for David Cronenberg, Pattinson is suggesting his career post-Twilight will sparkle like Edward Cullen’s skin.

Michod, meanwhile, confirms he’s a filmmaker of considerable talents.

Letterboxd (4 stars):

Tough, gritty and quietly powerful, this film delivers great Guy Pearce and surprising Robert Pattinson performances

HeyUGuys (4/5 stars):

Guy Pearce excels in a difficult role and Robert Pattinson is believable and entertaining as his partner on this oft-beaten track through a dystopia of our making.

FMV Magazine:

As a dystopian western, The Rover works pretty well. Here there are no good guys. Eric may be classed as the protagonist but he certainly is too dark to be classed as the ‘anti-hero’. Pearce plays this character extremely well, with a brooding, menacing air about him where the viewer will believe he will go to any lengths to get his car back. Scoot McNairy is good as Henry, the leader of the gang who will protect himself at all costs but it’s Robert Pattinson, who is almost unrecognizable, finally realising his potential with a superb performance as Henry’s brother, Rey. Hopefully he will be remembered for portrayals like this rather than that vampire bloke in Twilight franchise

Evening Standard (3 stars):

Guy Pearce is ferociously compelling and Robert Pattison surprisingly good too, putting his teen-roles behind him more conclusively than any of his contemporaries.


The director does hark back to some of his stronger points though with counterpointed pop music interspersed in a rousing, almost adventurous avant garde score. Most impressively of all, the director draws a remarkably against-type performance from his Twilight star. Pattinson pulls off nervous twitching, shoddy posture and general writhing to great effect; his character’s a classic fool and he plays it so.

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