UPCOMING: Idol’s Eye directed by Olivier Assayas and untitled feature by Harmony Korine

Robert Pattinson has been pretty busy lately. He recently left the Cannes Film Festival after debuting two films – The Rover and Maps To The Stars, in competition for the Palme d’Or. Both films were received positively and Rob’s performances, especially in The Rover, were widely applauded.

While promoting his two films, Rob mentioned a new project on his slate – Idol’s Eye – directed by Olivier Assayas and currently scheduled for November. Assayas also mentioned working with Rob on his next film to Les InRockuptibles.

We have a twitter account for the upcoming film, @IdolsEyeTheFilm, and our website will be idolseyefilm.com. We’ll let you know when the website is live but for now, you can follow the twitter account for updates.

Rob gave the title to the film and start date in this interview with La Nouvel Observateur at Cannes in the video below and also spoke to USA Today about working with Assayas:

He talks excitedly about working with director Olivier Assayas on their next, untitled film.

“His stuff always gets into Cannes and it’s such a great script,” says Pattinson. “But I don’t want to speak too soon.”

Assayas also gave the title of the film in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter in Cannes:

Having said that, any ambitions to get out of France and shoot a big U.S. or someday make a Hollywood film?

Actually, well I can’t really discuss it much because it’s not locked or finalized, but my next film will be in the US. We are shooting in Chicago and it’s a genre movie based on a real story, called Idol’s Eye, the name of a famous diamond. If everything goes according to plan it should be shooting by late fall.

The film will be the first shot in America for Assayas and according to Le Monde, it will have a budget of $30 million dollars. The gangster film, formally titled Hubris, is a crime thriller, set in the 1970s, based on a true story about “a group of thieves who rob what they think is a pawn shop, only to then discover they’ve stolen from a notorious Chicago crime lord.” Read more about the project in its early development on Indiewire and Variety

This seems like a great match. As Rob stated in the video, he’s known Assayas for over 2 years and attached to this project for some time. We know of him attending an IFC dinner honoring the french director but it’s fun to know they’d been planning their union onscreen for awhile.

In other exciting, but limited, news, Rob also plans to be in an upcoming, untitled project by Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers, Kids). He first mentioned this in Premiere magazine’s May edition and also brought up working with Korine during a Variety interview in Cannes. Metro News, Le Parisien, and the AP also sat down with Rob at Cannes and he again mentioned working with Assayas and Korine this year.

Those are the latest additions to Rob’s filming schedule. The Childhood of a Leader looks to be starting soon. Speaking to Variety, Rob said he would be starting the film soon and called Brady Corbet brilliant. This will be Corbet’s directorial debut and Rob told Le Parisien he was excited to work with him.

We’ll keep you posted on this one and hopefully there will be more solid movement soon. Our twitter account for The Childhood of a Leader is @TCoaLfilm. The website will be childhoodofaleaderfilm.com.

Rob is also working with director, James Gray, and Benedict Cumberbatch in January 2015 on The Lost City of Z. This film is still shaping up but for now, you can follow us @TheLostCityofZ.

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