VIDEO: Bruce Wagner accepting Best Actress for Julianne Moore during Awards Ceremony at Cannes

Bruce Wagner was on hand to accept Julianne Moore’s Best Actress win at the Cannes Film Festival. Click HERE to watch the announcement and acceptance speech by Bruce around 26:30. We also did a transcript for you, translation in the parenthesis:

Je ne suis pas Julianne (I am not Julianne). I joyously accept this award for Julianne Moore whose emotional genius and transformative powers are only matched by her ferociousness and fearlessness. On behalf of Julie, I thank the jury and the producers, Saïd Ben Saïd, Martin Katz and Michel Merkt. And I thank a visionary. Mon frère, mon père, et mon cœur, David Cronenberg (My bother, my father, and my heart, David Cronenberg). Julianne and David, j’ecris votre nom (I write your name (film reference)). Vive Los Angeles, vive David Cronenberg, vive Julie Moore et vive la France.

After the ceremony, Bruce took pictures with the award during the photocall. Congratulations again to Julianne, David and the entire Maps To The Stars family.

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