REVIEW: In The Rover, “everything hails David Michôd’s work as a great achievement”

Robert Pattinson Premiere Mag HQ (13) - Cropped and detagged

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The Upcoming (5 stars):

Shot in the Flinders Ranges, The Rover is a cinematographic UFO, where a car chase becomes a road trip trough the burning landscapes of Australia. The characters are all alone, even when they’re together. Everybody seems to have come from all around the world to end their lives in this small corner of nowhere. In the last kingdom of men, they all behave like scared animals; they favour their dogs over their neighbors.

The strength of this movie is its setting in a near-apocalyptic future yet not so far from what our actual world is becoming. The movie is very minimalist, and so is the language, which leads to amazing performances, especially from Pearce and Pattinson. They’re strong, fragile, sad and angry at the same time. The tension between them is there all along, yet they manage to create a beautiful relationship from their two broken souls.

From the score to the cinematography, from the lights to the framing, from the script to the choice of the cast, everything hails Michôd’s work as a great achievement.