ARTICLE: Guy Pearce’s character in The Rover is “like a machine, like a shark”


The New York Times got a chance to chat with Guy Pearce for The Rover promo recently. Their article, Vanishing Into the Role, is a great read that profiles much of Guy’s career. We’re only posting an excerpt about The Rover and his character, Eric, but check out the whole piece.

Excerpt from the New York Times:

In “The Rover,” which opens Friday, he undertakes an especially fraught role as Eric, a taciturn former military man in a future Australia. An unspecified global collapse has left the backcountry feeling even more apocalyptic than usual.

“By the time we meet him, he’s a bit of a ghost,” Mr. Pearce said, speaking by phone from Melbourne. “I had to work backwards with David to figure out: ‘Who did he used to be?’ So that I could then strip it all away.”

The director David Michod, who cast Mr. Pearce in the 2010 breakout “Animal Kingdom,” said he wanted the steely but bereft character “to feel like a machine, like a shark.” The first scene they filmed in “The Rover” — a long Steadicam shot tracking him from behind — suggested the actor had already worked it out.

“Not only is he not talking, I’m not even seeing his face,” Mr. Michod said. “But I could tell from the way he was holding himself that he found the character. It was spine tingling for me.”

Mr. Pearce stars with Robert Pattinson, who plays a lost man who latches onto Eric. Last month, the two actors and director attended the film’s world premiere, in Cannes.

Guy is currently in Sydney with Robert Pattinson and David Michôd to premiere The Rover in Australia at the Sydney Film Festival this weekend. The North American premiere will take place Thursday, June 12th.

Robert Pattinson, David Michôd and Guy Pearce promoting The Rover in Sydney, Australia