‘The Rover’ Key Art ~ Poster Outtakes Featuring NEW Pics Of Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson

Jeremy Saunders the graphic designer behind The Rover Movie Australian Posters treated us to some new pics of Guy Pearce as Eric & Robert Pattinson as Rey in some outtakes of the posters on his site.

Saunders says “The basic idea with the ‘head shots’ are to make Robert’s character the direct entry into the film – he’s as close to an innocent in the world as it’s possible to get and his guileless, direct stare is in contrast to Eric’s unknowable avoidance of gaze.”

He also explains the creative process involved in how the final design (1st poster below) was reached.
Head over HERE to read and click on each pic below to take a closer look at the outtakes.

The Rover Movie Poster Art

The teaser poster that was used in Australia.

The Rover Movie Poster ArtB