David Cronenberg talks about the sweet and approachable Julianne Moore + Golden Globe chances for MTTS?

The New York Times did a nice profile on Julianne Moore for Maps To The Stars and highlighted some complimentary quotes from David Cronenberg. We also found a more hopeful possibility for MTTS award chances, especially for Moore.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.46.02 PMExcerpt from NY Times:

Ms. Moore’s role in “Maps to the Stars” is of this big, no-holds-barred variety. She plays Havana Segrand, a sort of latter-day Norma Desmond, a fading B-List Hollywood actress who is both needy and tyrannical, childlike and monstrous. Her character has to, among other things, engage in an explicit threesome, have back-seat limo sex with her chauffeur (Robert Pattinson), dance in glee upon hearing of a child’s death and deliver a bossy monologue while seated on the toilet. Ms. Moore’s performance is so vivid and daring, while also sad and at times extremely funny, that it earned her the best actress prize at Cannes this spring, and some forecasters are already speculating that it may finally win her the Oscar that has so far slipped just out of her reach. (Ms. Moore has been nominated four times, including twice in 2002, for “The Hours” and “Far From Heaven.”)

Mr. Cronenberg said not long ago that one reason he cast Ms. Moore is that she looked the part. (It also didn’t hurt that she recently acquired a British passport, which enabled Mr. Cronenberg, a Canadian, to get around some complicated financing requirements limiting how many American actors he could use.) “You have to have someone who’s the right age,” he explained, “and she has to be beautiful. She has to be convincing as someone who has had a moment of stardom. And, of course, she has to be willing to do it.” The toilet scene may have been a deal breaker for some; even Mr. Cronenberg’s sister, Denise Cronenberg, the movie’s costume designer, thought it was too much.

Everyone who has worked with Ms. Moore says that in real life, she couldn’t less resemble the temperamental Havana Segrand. “She’s incredibly well prepared and a wonderful collaborator, a proper pro,” said Stephen Daldry, who directed her in “The Hours.”

Mr. Cronenberg agreed. “You don’t get the diva, the ego, the entourage,” he said. “Right up until the moment the slate clicks, she’s 100 percent her sweet, approachable self, and then she’s this character that you wouldn’t want to spend any time with.”

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We suspect we’ll see more great write-ups for Julianne and the rest of the cast as the film prepares to premiere at TIFF. We were disappointed to learn Focus World acquired distribution rights for the US and will release the film early next year. While that seems to take Julianne out of the running for Oscar consideration, Gold Derby shared exclusively that the Golden Globes and other critics awards might be on the agenda for Maps To The Stars:

No, “Maps to the Stars” will not have a costly Oscars campaign, but it will aim for other kudos. An executive involved with the film tells Gold Derby exclusively that “Maps” and Julianne Moore (winner, Best Actress at Cannes) are in the running for Golden Globes, BAFTA, film critics’ trophies, and SAG and other guild awards.
In fact, discussions are currently under way with the film’s handlers and all of those awards, which are much easier to win without hefty campaign investment required at the Oscars. For example, to qualify for the Globes, a film just needs to debut for one week in one Los Angeles theater during 2014. After that, “Maps” promoters just need to screen it for the 90 HFPA members, send them DVDs and do a special press conference for the foreign journos. That’s all. Currently, the plan is for “Maps” to compete in the Globes’ comedy/musical categories, but no decision has yet been made about placing Julianne Moore in lead or supporting.

Many of the guilds like SAG have screening committees that decide nominations and are easy to access for a reasonable investment. Voters in the film-critics’ groups can be targeted efficiently, too. In fact, many of them are seeing “Maps” today at the Toronto International Film Festival.
By contrast, to launch “Maps” effectively into the Oscars derby could cost up to $20 million, which is what many frontrunners have spent in recent years. Technically, a film may qualify after unspooling just one week in a L.A theater just like the Globes, but it needs a fullblown campaign to bring it to the attention of lazy academy members who insist upon private screenings, personal copies of the DVD and more.
U.S. distribution rights to “Maps to the Stars” were just acquired by Focus World, the digital division of Focus Features. It sometimes books films into a few select theaters, but mostly rolls out wide to digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Netfflix and On Demand services offered by Verizon FiOS and AT&T Uverse.
Frankly, the company doesn’t have the promotional budget needed to do an effective Oscar run. It’s sad commentary on what’s become of the Academy Awards derby when producers and distributors automatically throw in the towel and admit they can’t compete.

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We’ll see what happens but for now, we have TIFF to look forward to! Maps To The Stars premieres on September 9th.