BUY: @LWLies Maps To The Stars edition with a fantastic Julianne Moore cover + MORE


The Maps To The Stars cover for Little White Lies is on sale today! Here’s a preview of the magazine but be sure to grab a copy HERE. The cover is fantastic.

David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars gets the full LWLies treatment in our eye-scorching new issue.

As we delve deep into festival season, Little White Lies have opted to pay colourful homage to Canadian filmmaking maestro,David Cronenberg, and his new movie, Maps to the Stars, a withering satire of contemporary Hollywood. We speak to the director about the movie industry’s incestuous creative tendencies, and we also hear from the film’s award-winning star,Julianne Moore, about her three decades as one of the world’s most talented and distinctive actors.

The big centrepiece of the issue is an in-depth index of Cronenberg’s entire career as a filmmaker, writer, opera-director, auto enthusiast, divorcee and actor. The Cronenberg Index brings together a clutch of LWLies regular writers to offer 26 mini essays covering his movies and his obsessions from every angle conceivable, and boasts spooky two-tier illustrations by TCOLondon designer, Lauréne Boglio.

Our eye-scorching cover for this issue was supplied by Polish artist and illustrator Ada Buchholc, and it captures film’s subtle mix of hot, gaudy celebrity and a mortal fear of losing that status. Check our more of Ada’s work here.