Robert Pattinson Talks About Idol’s Eye And Being Excited To Work With Robert De Niro

Robert Pattinson mentioned working on Idol’s Eye and how excited he is to be working with Olivier Assayas and Robert DeNiro in various interviews while doing promo recently.

The Star:

What kind of stories appeal to you?

I don’t really look at films as stories. It’s really just about character. I never really look at a script as a whole. This movie I’m doing with Olivier Assayas at the end of the year, it’s a big ensemble thing, but my focus is on my character. There is something specific about him. It’s an interesting take on a criminal’s psychology. So I never really look at a script as a story, not even in terms of genre.

Boston Globe:

Q. You talk about liking ambitious directors. What’s the next ambitious move for you?

A. I just keep getting really lucky. I’m doing [“Idol’s Eye”] in October with [French director] Olivier Assayas and Robert De Niro, which is kind of a ridiculous thing. I met Olivier two years ago and he talked about this script. It’s crazy and I’m so excited about doing it. Things just seem to keep dropping in my lap at the perfect moment.

The Guardian:

He likes being shocking, he says, and his next role is satisfyingly so. Starring alongside Robert De Niro in Olivier Assayas’s Idol’s Eye, he will play a small-time criminal caught up with the Chicago mafia. “My character is this slightly delusional lost child,” he says. “Everyone always glamorises criminals – it feels inevitable in movies – but in this it’s really not glamorised. It is quite dense. It’s really serious. Very political.”