‘Life’ Makes Little White Lies List Of ’50 Movies You Need To See In 2015′


Well it will come as no surprise that Life is at the top of our list of movies we want to see in 2015 but it’s great to see it popping up on media lists too.
It made the Little White Lies “Top 50 Movies You Need To See In 2015” and here’s what they had to say about it.

From Little White Lies:

We still shiver when recollecting the luscious monochrome of Corbijn’s Ian Curtis pic, Control. Interim efforts may not have packed so intense a punch but the legacy of his debut lives on. The Dutch photographer created the effect of characters moving through a world so textured that it seemed to have its own pulse. For Life — the story of a photographer and his relationship with James Dean, Dane DeHaan plays the original rebel without a cause opposite reformed heartthrob, Robert Pattinson. Let’s see what he makes of them. SMK

Did you know Anton Corbijn bought his first camera when he was 18.

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