Guy Pearce Makes Indiewire’s “21 Best Performances Of 2014” List

IndieWire have released their “21 Best Perfoemances In 2014” list and Guy Pearce’s performance as Eric in The Rover has made it in at no 6 on their list.


Here’s what IndieWire had to say about Guy:

6. Guy Pearce – “The Rover”
With apologies to Robert Pattinson (and his legion of fans) who is very, very good in this movie, and continues to prove and reinvent himself in each new role, Guy Pearce owns “The Rover.” David Michôd post-economic collapse dystopian picture is very, very angry and mortally disillusioned, and Pearce embodies these qualities like blackened-heart furnace on the verge of eruption. The harsh, silent and severe nature of Pearce’s character (who’s in search of a car that embodies all that he no longer has) is also a canvas that echoes back to us; we can imagine the family he’s lost, the loved ones, the life that once had meaning; such is his furious bitterness. But a humanity is also occasionally glimpsed and it’s utterly heartbreaking when it briefly peeks through. Like a ratty, emaciated, lonely dog let loose in a ravaged outback, Pearce relentlessly forces his way back home the one thing left his is life that has consequence and buries it for good. Pearce’s character is already resigned to all forms of death, you cannot do him any worse and the affect that he transmits mostly through pained expression is devastating.