BUZZ: LIFE is a most anticipated film and could be heading to Cannes in 2015

Coming in at number 19 out of 100, Life is on The Playlist’s Most Anticipated Films of 2015 list. Dazed thinks the film has awards potential for next year and The Playlist thinks Cannes could be on the horizon. This all sounds good as we move into 2015 and the film starts this exciting stage!


From The Playlist:

19. “Life”
Director: Anton Corbijn (“A Most Wanted Man,” “The American”)
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley
Synopsis: Photographer Dennis Stock accepts a new assignment for Life Magazine to take pictures of rising star James Dean. The two became close friends as a result.
What You Need To Know: Everything about this picture sounds promising except its shoddy title (we’re half-hoping it gets nixed last minute for something, anything, else). We’ve been fans of Corbijn’s work ever since his 2007 debut “Control,” in which he already proved his mettle with the tricky biopic genre. Now, after his continuously excellent, if slightly more subdued, work in “The American” and last year’s “A Most Wanted Man,” Corbijn is set to tackle the biopic again. What gives us even more hope this time around is that this is a world Corbijn knows all too well, since he started off his own career as a music photographer. And he’s got a great cast to boot, with Pattinson already successfully shedding his post-“Twilight” glitter for “The Rover” and “Maps to the Stars.” We’d also be lying if we said we weren’t curious to see how DeHaan is going to pull off Dean.
Release Date: September 25th in the UK, but we’re not sure on an official date Stateside. Expect a Cannes premiere.