“I Wanted It To Be In B&W But For Budget Reasons, I Filmed It In Colour. The Result Is Even Better” ~ Anton Corbijn On ‘Life’

In an interview with Trends Director Anton Corbijn spoke about Dane DeHaan & Robert Pattinson’s roles in Life and also how he originally wanted to shoot the movie in black & white.

Check out the translation of the excerpt below.

Life Photocall Berlin Flm Festival33

From Trends:

My next movie is about the relationship between James Dean and Dennis Stock, photographer for Life magazine. It ends just before the release of ‘East of Eden’ which made James Dean famous all around the world.

The young actor Dane Dehaan plays James Dean, and Robert Pattinson the photographer…

“It’s never easy for an actor to play another actor – particularly James Dean.. But Dane Dehaan is excellent. And Robert Pattinson as well. For him, it was very interesting to play a photographer as he is always hunted by them. And for me it made sense to make a movie about a photographer whose model has a strong image. It looks a bit like my own story.”

Will it be a movie in black and white?

“I wanted it to be but for budget reasons, I filmed it in colour. And in the end, the result is quite good – even better.”

Translation thanks to Pattinson Art Work