REVIEW: ‘LIFE’ is a “beautifully crafted drama” – NOW SHOWING IN AUSTRALIA!


Lucky Aussies! LIFE is now showing in Australia and hopefully you 1. are at the theater already, 2. have your tickets purchased for a showing after work, 3. have plans to see it all weekend long, or 4. need someone to give you a link to buy tickets, a refresher trailer and a great review from FilmInk to get you more excited. Number 4 is where we step in.

Excerpt from FilmInk:

Life documents the beginnings of what would become the important friendship of fifties figurehead, James Dean (hot up and comer, Dane DeHaan, makes his all-too-recognisable character a truly mercurial and utterly absorbing creation), and Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson proving, yet again, to all the doubters that he is, indeed, a highly accomplished and charismatic performer), the young photographer from Life Magazine whose stark, beautifully composed black-and-white images of the rebellious actor are among the greatest celebrity portraiture ever committed to film. Theirs is a complicated friendship, with Dean dodging the fame that is just about to swallow him up (the film takes place just before the release of the star-making East Of Eden, with Dean still fighting to get cast in Rebel Without A Cause), while Stock pursues recognition and acclaim to the detriment of all other aspects of his life, including his wife and son.

With the flashy Hollywood details kept to a minimum (Alessandra Mastronardi charms as Dean’s Italian actress love, Pier Angeli; Ben Kingsley is brilliant as bullish studio head, Jack Warner; John Blockwood makes a mockery of Dean’s famously pompous and austere East Of Eden co-star, Raymond Massey; and the likes of Eartha Kitt, Lee Strasberg, Nicholas Ray, Natalie Wood, and Elia Kazan flit through briefly), Life is no cheap and easy expose. Sensitively scripted by Australian poet, author, and screenwriter, Luke Davies (Candy), this beautifully crafted drama richly personalises a man whose life story has so often been told in headlines and broad strokes.

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LIFE releases Sept. 25th in the UK and Dec. 4th in the US. More release dates are located on the sidebar.