Anton Corbijn talks about how he related to LIFE, filming in one of the coldest winters and MORE

life_image-1243x414LIFE will be out in Irish cinemas Sept. 25th and Anton Corbijn spoke to Scannian about the film:

For director Anton Corbijn the unlikely friendship that developed between photographer Dennis Stock and fast rising star James Dean was a complex relationship that he understood completely.

Indeed, when the script for Life arrived on his desk, he knew instantly that it was a story – a very personal story for Corbijn himself, in a way – that he had to tell.

Corbijn began his career as a photographer – and indeed still works as one – before directing his first hugely acclaimed feature, Control, the story of Joy Division’s singer Ian Curtis, in 2007.

“Funnily enough, what drew me to this story was not what most people think,” he says. “They all think it’s James Dean but for me it was the story about a photographer whose subject is somebody in the public eye. I could really relate to it because I’ve been doing it for a good 40 years.

“That was a nice way into a sort of James Dean bio, and the story of the balance between the subject and the photographer. I think that’s always an interesting one.”

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